Introducing: (CENSORED), Tropica, and Zenia

Tropica, (CENSORED) and Zenia three new hops, defined by terroir from Mighty Axe Hops!

Over the years at Mighty Axe, we have strived to embrace our home in Minnesota and bring high quality products to our partners. Along the way we have discovered that there is something special about Minnesota grown hops and something remarkable about paying attention to pick timing: it flips the script on what a name actually means. We wanted the names of our hops that are grown, loved, and cultivated on Minnesota soil to have meaning beyond the true-to-type expectations in a name.

Genetics are one thing. How a hop crop actually smells, tastes, and performs in beer is another and largely depends on where the crop is grown. For our Midwest brewers, cider makers, beverage producers, and homebrewers, we wanted a way for them to clearly convey this message to consumers. Simply putting “Minnesota” on the label wasn’t going to cut it, so we picked up the axe and went to work carving our own path.


Minnesota grown CENSORED is an aroma hop powerhouse bursting with ripe, sweet orange, vanilla and peach flavors. OMNI Brewing’s Birdie Putt Hazy Pale Ale flaunts these flavors. Through the influence of Minnesota’s soils and growing climate, known as terroir, plus Mighty Axe Hops’ custom harvesting practices (CENSORED) is transformed Cascade that brews clean modern, aroma forward IPAs, juicy hazy pale ales, or as a burst of fruit on top of a sour. Be among the first to brew up a (CENSORED) hopped IPA!

  • Usage: Flavor and Aroma
  • Flavor Profile: Dreamsicle, Ripe Sweet Orange, Peach
  • Most Common Beer Styles: Hazy IPAs, IPA, Pale Ale

Hop Statistics

Alpha Acids: 6 – 9%

Beta Acids: 3.6 – 5.9%

Total Oils: .4 – 1.4


Tropica is one of the most intense aroma hops to come out of Minnesota. Mighty Axe Hops’ Minnesota grown Tropica piles on the pineapple and tropical fruits. A Chinook hop at heart, the terroir of MN soils plus Mighty Axe’s custom growing practices create Tropica’s distinct tropical character. Featured heavily in Unmapped Brewing’s Terroir Series, Tropica is the go-to hop for juicy hop flavor.

  • Usage: Flavor, Aroma, Bittering
  • Flavor Profile: Pineapple, Mandarin Orange, Tropical, Dank
  • Most Common Beer Style: Hazy IPAs, IPAs, Pale Ales

Hop Statistics

Alpha Acids: 8.8%

Beta Acids: 3.0%

Total Oils: 1.4


Zenia is one of Mighty Axe Hops’ house varieties. Grown from CTZ genetics Mighty Axe Zenia have made a name for themselves amongst craft brewers for their intense dank and resin, jammy-orange aromas and distinctive lack of onion-garlic flavor. By manipulating the harvest timing and processing practices of CTZ hops, Zenia becomes the intersection between heavy-weight resin and orange marmalade. Utilized in the dry hop addition for Fair State Brewing Cooperative’s flagship IPA Mighty Axe Hops’ dank aroma Zenia pack a heavy flavor punch perfect for big IPAs.

  • Usage: Flavor, Aroma, Bittering
  • Flavor Profile: Dank, Resin, Orange Jam
  • Most Common Beer Style: Hazy IPAs, IPAs

Hop Statistics

Alpha Acids: 11-14%

Beta Acids: 4.4 – 5.1%

Total Oils: .7 – 2.5

There you have it! Craft Brewers can buy these hops or request samples here. Homebrewers can buy Mighty Axe house varieties starting June 27th online from Northern Brewer here or find them in stores at Northern Brewer, Midwest Supplies, and The Hop Shop!
Want to learn more? Got questions? Email your hop farmers: Eric (at) Mighty Axe Hops (dot) com.