Now Hiring: 2019 Farm Manager


The Farm Manager job description including compensation, schedule, and more can be accessed, downloaded and printed here.

Three items are required to apply:

  1. Answer this questionnaire.
  2. Email your Cover Letter and Resume to Eric @ Mighty Axe Hops . Com

One of our core values is open, honest communication. To that end, here’s the hiring process we’ll be traveling together:

  • First Round: Application
    • November 29th: Applications Open
    • Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.
      • We will email you confirming we received your application.
  • Second Round: Video Interview
    • Select applicants will be invited for a video interview.
  • Final Round: In Person Interview
    • In Person Interview Invites will be notified following a video interview.
    • We will work with you arrange an in person interview week of January 28th. Travel will be covered.
  • Following all in person interviews we will make an offer.

Any questions? Email Eric @ Mighty Axe Hops . Com