The Mighty Axe Hops Revolution has Begun

TLDR; We’re going to grow a lot more hops. 80 acres more. We’re excited about it.  


The sun is rising on the Minnesota hops industry. Thanks to the overwhelming support of thousands of #MNHops fanatics and local brewers Mighty Axe Hops will begin an 80 acre expansion in 2016!

What this expansion means for Minnesota:

  • Quadrupling of the current acreage of Minnesota hops, to be the largest hop farm in MN
  • Multi-million dollar investment to lead a new local farming industry
  • First in Minnesota state-of-the-art hops harvest & pelleting facility

Aerial rendering of new farm site

Rendering of hop harvest facility

Today, Minnesota breweries use over $27 million worth of hops grown outside our State. Our big expansion in Benton County will finally give local brewers a real opportunity to buy local hops, keeping more of those hops-dollars in our State. We’re also committed to Minnesota’s land and water – earning water quality certification from the MN Department of Agriculture for our growing practices including cover cropping, integrated pest management, and buffer strips.

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And you don’t have to take our word for it. Selected press coverage:


  • What happened to the family farm in Ham Lake?
    • Nothing! We’re still going to farm that just like before. In particular we’ll use Ham Lake, what we affectionately call ‘The Beach’ because of it’s sandy soil, for trials of new varieties and as a show farm for fellow MN growers.
  • What about Brian?
    • Brian is on to exciting new start-up opportunities. As such he has stepped down from his role as co-founder and CFO of Mighty Axe Hops.
  • Will you be offering pelleting or other services to other growers?
    • As we expand and grow into our new farm we’d love to share access to our equipment. Come 2017, we’ll have a much better idea of what we can handle!
  • What about us homebrewers?
    • Not to fear, we’re actively working to bring our MN hops to you! Keep an eye on your local brew supply stores.
  • You’re growing HOW many acres?
    • 40 in 2016, 40 in 2017 and beyond! We’re truly in this for the long run. We want to see the MN hops industry grow!
  • I’m a brewer – how do I buy your hops?
    • Brewers can email sales @ mightyaxehops . com…..homebrewers, see above! We can’t wait to get you #MNhops.

Question not answered? Want to chat? You can always email us at cheers @ mightyaxehops . com.


Ben and Eric

Mighty Axe Hops by Rebecca Jean Lawrence Photography
Mighty Axe Hops by Rebecca Jean Lawrence Photography